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Skype talks = :)

Yesterday, I gave my very first Skype talk (a presentation on blogging at Elizabeth Library, NJ). We had a few technical troubles at the library's end, so we went ahead without any microphone, just pictures.

I have to say, not being in the same room as the audience took a bit of getting used to, but I had a great time,and it was certainly nice to be able to give a talk from the comfort of my basement office.

Due to the lack of sound, when I finished my presentation, the organizer, Lonnie, had to use the keyboard to write out people's questions. While he typed, I had a bit of fun, inventing fictitious questions like 'Are you related to Brad Pitt?'; 'Is that your real voice?' etc.

Ooh, and I discovered a great visual trick you can do which makes your head looks like it's shrinking on screen!

I'll definitely do more Skype talks.

How about you?

Have you ever done, or attended, a Skype talk?
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