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Uncharted territory (or as good as)

I did something today which I haven't done in a loooooooong time, and I'm not talking about buying a hairbrush.

Today, I bought myself a new pair of shorts for the summer.

"Really?" I hear you say. "That's your big announcement? Time to refill your 'Things to blog about' folder, Jon."

Not so fast. It isn't the buying of the shorts so much as the size. This is uncharted territory for me (or as good as). I can't remember the last time I squeezed myself into a pair of 34" trousers without the aid of a shoe horn and some serious overlap on the tummy front. Today though, I did just that, with room to spare. Boy was I pleased.

Of course, I probably should have waited till I got home to try them on (I certainly got some funny looks from the folks behind me in the checkout line at Walmart).

Yay me!

I are a slim(mer) writer!

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