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Do you prefer your stories in first person or third?

Three chapters into the first draft of Abraham Lincoln Stole My Homework, I find myself wondering if I ought to be writing this one in first person, as opposed to third.

Provided it's done well, a good first person narrative can make for a much more intimate read, as if you're sitting down with the author, listening to him/her spin a good yarn. In this case, it would also fit better with the title, though I already have a way around that for a third person narrative.

On the negative side, first person makes it hard to show another character's pov. Slightly more offputting is the narrative voice required. Personally, I think first person works best when it's written in the same 'voice' as that of the main character, in this case, a 12-yr-old boy. Aside from the obvious vocabulary limitations I'd have to place on myself (and Lord knows my vocabulary's limited enough already), there's some science stuff involved, which might prove hard to explain without slipping into the old 'As you know, Bob' trap.

I'll have to give it some thought.

How about you?

Do you prefer your stories in first person narrative or third?

First is my first choice.
I like third person best.
I'm not proud, I'll take either.
Something else, which I'll mention in the comments

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