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Between The Lines: How to tell if you talk too much about your own writing

Welcome to Between The Lines – an interactive ‘How to’ guide for writers of all levels and experience.


In this first issue, we’ll talk about picking up on those subtle, tell-tale signals which might be a sign that you talk too much about your own writing.  We’ve all done it.  After all, writing is our passion, why wouldn’t we want to share it with the world (or at least those around us)? 

Sadly, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. 

Just as we eventually grew tired of Uncle Lucius and his photo collection of rudely-shaped vegetables, so too will people become bored if your own writing is all you ever talk about .   


With that in mind, here are some of those tell-tale signals which, if you spot them regularly, might indicate that you need to dial it back a little.


You know you talk too much about your own writing when:


1.     people stop asking you what your latest WIP's about.


2.     a look of fear/constipation/pain flashes across someone’s face when you bring up the subject yourself.


3.     you bring up your latest WIP and your friends suddenly have to make urgent cell-phone calls.


4.     you bring up your latest WIP and your friends who don’t have cell-phones suddenly remember urgent appointments they should have been at twenty minutes ago.


5.     your immediate family members feign deep sleep whenever you enter the room carrying a piece of paper. 


6.     your writer friends start to avoid you (though this could also signal a different problem). 


7.     you delete every mention of your own writing from your blog and it looks like you haven’t posted for a year.


8.     more than two people know your current WIP word-count, and it’s not NANO month.


9.     even the tele-marketing people stop calling. 


10.                        __________________________



This being an interactive workshop, I left number ten blank. What subtle signal would you look out for?

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