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The Phantom of the Opera

For my birthday last week, I treated myself to the CDs containing the original (London) soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera
I've always enjoyed Andrew Lloyd-Webber's music (Senior Management still has the program we bought when we saw it in London, back in the 90s).

In 2004, shortly after we moved to the USA, we saw the movie version, featuring Gerard Butler as the Phantom. I remember feeling a little disappointed at the time, but we watched it again over the weekend, and I must say, I enjoyed it far more this time.

I do love a good musical, which is fortunate, since my daughters seem to like the phantom too - we're currently on about the tenth replay of the title song this morning. 

How about you?

Are you a Phantom fan?

Are you a Phantom of the Opera fan?

I love it
Not my cup of tea
I thougt it was just a book by that French bloke.
The Phantom of the what now?
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