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What's your current WiP?

I'm having great fun working on the outline for Abraham Lincoln Stole My Homework. The initial plot idea served its purpose ie: Getting yours truly excited about writing the book. Since then, it's been reshaped, twisted, refurbished, thrown out, bits of it put back in sideways, and the whole thing generally fashioned into something hugely different from the original vision - in a good way, of course.

Since this is the first of (what I hope will become) a series, I've given my young hero a doozy of a long-term problem which he can't hope to solve straight away. If the rest of the outline phase goes well, I expect to begin writing the actual first draft on May 1st. Assuming the drafting process goes according to plan (stop laughing, it could happen) I should have the finished MS ready to submit before the weekend writing workshop I'm giving at the Georgian Court University in July. 

How about you?

What's your current WiP?

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