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Breaking News & NJAN panel/Q&A - Writing for Younger Readers.

Still charging around in the aftermath of my son's bouncy castle mishap over the weekend. He's resting his leg today, but he's in no shape to go back to his tenth floor dorm room. That said, with only two weeks to go before college year-end finals, he needs to be there for lessons.

We've devised a cunning plan, which basically involves me driving my injured offspring to and from college on a daily basis until Hop-Along McNoony (as he's now called) gets the big cast removed and the easier to work around ski-boot thingy fitted - which should be early next week.

Senior Management will work from home, so there'll be someone around to look after the boy's sisters while their Dear Old Dad dons his chauffer's cap each day.

NJAN Panel/Q&A at Cherry Hill Library

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to moderating this evening's NJAN panel/Q&A, Writing for Younger Readers at Cherry Hill Library, 1100 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034.
The panel consists of myself; 
Kelly R. Fineman; Gregory Frost and Jennifer R. Hubbard
If you'd like to come along, kick-off's at 7pm.

We'd love to see you there.
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