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The long and short of rejection.

I got a surprising email from Sniplits yesterday, rejecting my 1000-word flash fiction, About Your Speech.

The surprise part was not so much the nice comment telling me they’d welcome seeing more of my work (always good to hear
), but the fact that I don’t remember ever sending them the story. 


I later discovered I’d sent it on April 10, 2008, some 477 days earlier.


By way of contrast, my fastest rejection to date was for my YA Urban Fantasy, Fur-Face.  An agent who’d read the book, but doesn’t represent YA, said she liked it, and suggested another agent, telling me to say that I’d recommended her in my query email.


I got a form rejection from one of that agent's slush readers within about three hours.


How about you?


When it comes to rejections, what are your quickest and longest (please note: 'no reply’ doesn’t count)? 

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