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Multi-author panel/Q&A at Old Bridge Library this afternoon

I'm looking forward to this afternoon, when I'll be moderating a New Jersey Authors' Network (NJAN) panel/Q&A at Old Bridge Library (1 Old Bridge Plaza, Municipal Center, Old Bridge, NJ 08857).

The subject is:
From Thoughts to Print: Getting Published in the 21st Century
Local authors share tips and information on getting published in today’s market

So you’ve got a great idea for a book or story, but how do you turn it into a finished product? When that’s done, what’s next? Do you take the traditional publishing route or go it alone? Join New Jersey Authors, Jon Gibbs (moderator); Helen Henderson; Lee Barwood; Gary Frank; Hildy Silverman and E.F. Watkins, for a fun, informative discussion on different approaches to writing, getting published, and the various options available to writers in today’s market.

Kick-off's at 2pm. If you'd like to come along, we'd love to see you there.
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