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It's official: Fur-Face really is for readers aged 9 - 90

Yesterday, I gave my 10 Things Every Writer Should Know presentation at a 55+ community in Franklin, NJ. We held the meeting in the community's luxurious clubhouse. Everyone was very friendly. I had a great time. 

When I got home I checked my emails to find a lovely message from a lady who bought my book at the GLVWG Book Fair last weekend (I was at the LSFW conference that day, so couldn't attend in person).

In addition to telling me she was 90-years old she said she  "Fell in love with Snowy", and also shed a few tears [if you've read the book, you'll know why].

When I talk to people about my work, I often tell them I write middle grade fiction for readers aged 9 - 90. 

Now it's official.

How's your weekend going?
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