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A grand day out

I gave my 10 THINGS EVERY WRITER SHOULD KNOW talk at Cinnaminson Library this morning. I had a great time. A young lad in the audience asked if he could review my book. I hope he likes it.

In the afternoon, I joined my friends, Jim 'JJ' Lair, Alice 'JB' DiNizo, E. F. Watkins, Helen Henderson and Walt Ecklof for a New Jersey Authors' Network panel/Q&A, From Thoughts to Print: Getting Published in the 21st Century. We had a decent turnout and some great questions from the audience. I'm looking forward to giving my 10 THINGS... talk there next month (March 7th).

Best of all though, when I got home, one of my autistic daughters made her dear old dad a lovely cup of tea in my 'I are a writer!' mug. I don't know which of us was more proud.
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