Jon Gibbs (jongibbs) wrote,
Jon Gibbs

The Hobbit: Casting complete

With the first installment scheduled to hit the silver screens around the world in just nine months, you'd think every role in the The Hobbit would have already been filled. Not so, at least until yesterday, when the good folks at, shared the news about comedian/actor, Billy Connolly, taking on the role of Dain Ironfoot (cousin of Thorin Oakenshield).
Personally, I'm delighted. I've always liked Billy Connolly as a comedian, and he was excellent in The Muppets Treasure Island. Besides, apart from the height factor (which Peter Jackson will deftly camouflage), can you imagine anyone with a better face for the role?

Unless the script is very different from the book, we won't see Dain until the second movie.

Roll on December 2013!
Tags: fun, the hobbit

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