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What would you ask a literary agent if you had the chance?

At the writers' Coffee House meeting last month, I had the good fortune to sit next to my friend Marie LambaA published author and member the Philly Liars Club, Marie is also a literary agent. She recently joined the New York-based Jennifer De Chiara Agency.


In return for my promise to never to sit within twenty-five yards of her again, Marie kindly agreed to answer some questions about the agenting process from her new perspective on the other side of the writerly tracks.

If there's anything you always wanted to know about being a literary agent, but were too afraid to ask, if you have a question about what agents really look for, or you just want to know how weird it is for a published author to see things from the agent's point of view, leave your question(s) in a comment below.

I'll pass them all on to Marie, who promises to answer them as best she can.

In the meantime, if you're wondering whether Marie could be the agent you approach next, why not check out a sample of her writing?

Click on the cover pic below to read a sample from Marie's novel, Drawn, which came out a few short weeks ago.

What would you ask a literary agent if you had the chance?

ETA: Friday, Feb 10th
Some great questions already. Please keep them coming. I'll send them to Marie at the end of next week.

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