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Share a favorite snippet from your current WiP

I'm having a great time polishing up the final draft of the Fur-Face sequel, Barnum's Revenge.

I need to do some invisible blending (thread in the new sub-plot so folks will (hopefully) never know it was added later), but otherwise it's looking good.

For me, one of the best things about the revision process is when you come across a scene or some dialogue which you'd completely forgotten about, like this snippet, in which Snowy compares Benedict Barnum (the evil billionaire behind the animal experimentation in Fur-Face) to Sherlock Holmes's arch nemesis, Professor James Moriarty.

“You mark my words,” Snowy said, through a mouthful of crispy-snacks. “Benedict Barnum’s behind this. He’s like that Moriarty bloke from Sherlock Holmes. You know, the one they call, ‘The magnolia of crime’.”

Bill crouched down. Keeping his back to Aggie, he made a great show of stroking Snowy. At the same time, he lowered his voice so only the cat could hear him. “I think you mean Napoleon of crime.”

“I’ve heard it both ways. In any case, Barnum’s just the same. He’s like some evil octopus, sitting in the middle of his web, stretching his nefarious testicles out across the criminal world.”

How about you?

Care to share a favorite snippet from your current WiP?
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