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Introducing a new, monthly, feature: PITCHER'S CORNER

Share a link to where you submitted your work (pitched/submitted in the month of January 2012) for a chance to win two I are a writer! pens.

Writers put a lot of unsung effort into their books and stories. We get the hard work of polishing and revision done, then move on to the painful bit, the submission process. We nail our courage to the sticking post and send our work to agents and/or editors, then wait weeks, months, even years, for a response. All too often, all we get in return is a variation of 'Sorry, not right for us at this time' (if we even get a reply).

All that hard work and nothing to show for it.

Not any more!
Starting in January, I'm introducing a new, monthly feature, PITCHER'S CORNER, here on
An Englishman in New Jersey.

Here's how it works:
If you submit a story or novel to a paying publication in the month of January 2012 (even if it only pays in contributer copies), tell us the title of the story/novel, the publication, publisher, or literary agency you sent it to, AND share a link to the relevant submission page In a comment below.

Every month, a random commenter will win two 'I are a writer!' pens, as seen in the pic below.

Best of luck to all who take part.  

ETA:  And the January winner is: Phil Giunta (aka )
Congrats, Phil :)  Let me have your address and I'll mail your pens
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