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Hint Fiction

First, let me tell you about a call for submissions (courtesy of my friend[info]plattcave).  Tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2010, W.W. Norton will publish an anthology of 25-word Hint Fiction.


“What is Hint Fiction?” I hear you ask.


Robert Swartwood explains it here.   


If it’s accepted for the anthology, payment is $25 for the World and Audio rights to your story.  


That’s $1 per word, people.  Even if it is a one-time only deal.


You can submit more than one entry – see the submission guidelines for details.

  Now, some may consider this a silly notion. If you choose to spread the word about this anthology, you may hear things like, “I’m a ‘real’ writer. ‘Real’ writers tell ‘real’ stories.  They don't waste their time on this sort of nonsense.”  


Should this happen, I recommend you just smile and recite the following: 


For sale: baby shoes, never worn


Credited to a certain Mr. E. Hemingway (though there are those who consider it more legend than fact), it’s a perfect example of Hint Fiction, and it’s only six words. You get a whole twenty-five, and a title to boot.


As far as I’m concerned, if that Hemingway bloke can do it, I don’t see why the rest of us shouldn’t have a bash.

[edited extra]  
Wouldn't it be cool if a whole bunch of us got in the anthology?


How about you? Do you plan to pitch?


Is Hint fiction ‘real’ writing, or a waste of creative energy?


How many words does a story need?



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