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Looking for writing groups in New Jersey

I've created a database for the New Jersey affiliate of on Yahoo so folks looking to connect with other writers can find each other.

If you're a member of, or know about, any writing groups in The Garden State, please let me know. it doesn't matter if it's a statewide organization or a handful of people meeting at the local B&N or library, they all get an entry.

I'm looking for the name of the group, where they meet (including town and county), when they meet, website address, genres they accept, membership fees, and of course a group contact and email.

I've created a poll so folks can fill in the info here, or if you prefer, please let me know as much as you can in a comment or by email:

Poll #1808741 If you know of a writing group in New Jersey, please answer what questions you can.

Name of writing group?

County, town


Genres (if more than one or two, put 'Most')

The group meets at (give address)

Meeting dates and times eg: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 7pm - 9pm

Membership fees?

Group contact and email

Additional info

If you don't have all the info, please fill in what you can. If you can provide a group website or contact info, I can take it from there.

Many thank in advance for your help .
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