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Which cartoon character's personality is most like yours?

It’s funny how our personality changes over the years. When I was in my early twenties, my personality most resembled that of the character, Tigger, from the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh (as voiced by the late, great Paul Winchell).

I didn’t really care where my life was taking me, but I was determined to have some fun along the way.

Looking back at my thirties, after my children were born, I became more serious. More concerned with getting things organized than having a laugh. In fact, more like Tigger’s friend, Rabbit, than the perennial bouncing fun-lover I used to be.

During my forties, I watched my children grow up. My daughters, of course, couldn’t tell you much about what I was like, but if you ask my (now 18-yr-old) son about his dear old dad’s personality during that time, he’d probably tell you I was much like Marlin, the over-protective father in Finding Nemo. He’d be right, too. When it comes to my children, I see potential danger in everything they do.

I passed the half century mark earlier this year. I’m still protective – I suspect I’ll never stop worrying. Tigger’s still there, too. He often comes out to play. But instead of Rabbit, or Marlin, these days he has to contend with my latest developing personality, Mr. Fredricksen the old grump from my favorite Pixar movie, Up.

I guess we all change as we get older.

How about you?

Which cartoon character's personality is most like yours?


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