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Have you got your entry numbers for my Win a 'Walk on' role, and Win a nook promotions?

As of today (December 6th), I'm as up-to-date as I can get on the Fur-Face, Win A Nook, promotion and the Win a 'walk on' role for you and your pet in Barnum's Revenge free prize draw.

                                         FUR-FACE, WIN-A-NOOK CONTEST

Some of the emails folks gave me don't work (my old eyes aren't too good at deciphering some folks' handwriting). Also, for some events, I know how many copies of Fur-Face I sold, and even have names, but no email contact details.

If you bought a print or eBook version of Fur-Face after September 1st 2011, or you entered the 'Walk on' role prize draw and haven't yet heard from me, please let me know ( so I can sort you out.
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