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First 'paperback' review of Fur-Face

I don't think I could have asked for a better first review of the paperback version of Fur-Face than the one I received the other day. Here's what KMButler had to say on the Fur-Face review page on

Another enamored adult [Review by KMButler]
I am thrilled to add my name to the list of adults that have enjoyed this book.

I went to one of Mr. Gibbs NJ Authors network events and thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak. His sense of humor and enjoyment of what he was doing led me to examine his book and helped me decide to buy it 'for my children'. After pre-reading it myself I was happy I did.

I was quickly drawn into the book and after chapter one I put down the other book I was reading to focus on Fur Face. I loved the characters in this story and could easily see my own cats leaving messes for my kids to be fall guys as Snowy does to Billy. The quirks of Snowy the cat and his perspective on the world had me smiling and chuckling throughout the book. I also loved Billy's attempts at looking normal to his parents while being swept up in an adventure with a talking cat. I must add a quick word on Mr. Tinkles the sensitive gorilla who makes an appearance, I loved him and wish there had been a bit more of him in the book.

I have started reading this to my eight and ten year old girls and they are becoming fans as well. I will be on the look out for the sequel that was hinted at by Mr. Gibbs.

As you might imagine, I'm well-chuffed  :)

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