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Slender threads

I had an excellent time giving my 10 Things Every Writer Should Know talk at Long Hill Library last night.

The venue is absolutely beautiful. We had a great turnout, thanks to the efforts of Linda Tarantino, who first invited me to come and talk to her Neighbors & Newcomers group, and the library's, Marygrace Luderitz. Lots of people bought Fur-Face, which, as you can imagine, made me extra happy.

It's strange how these things come about. I met Linda when she heard me give a writing presentation at the Avalon Assisted Living Center in the Summer, but I only got that talk because the person they'd originally booked had to cancel at short notice. I volunteered to step in after they contacted the admin email address at NJAN (which gets forwarded to me).

I guess it just goes to show you never know where the slender thread of coincidence will lead you.
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