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What makes a good blog post?

In the six months since I made the first entry in my journal, I’ve made a lot of friends and learned more than I ever expected to about writing and writers in general. For example: last week, my friend[info]marshallpayne1 wrote an excellent post about the need for writers who want to develop a readership for their journal to strike a good balance between self-promotion, community spirit and entertainment (if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, here’s the link). 

It got me wondering.  When it comes to my own posts (and of course, the ones I read), how do I define entertainment?  


It took me a while to figure it out, but in the end I realized, if it’s about me or my work, then it’s self-promotion, if it’s personal, or about a specific someone else, it’s community spirit, therefore pretty much everything else counts as entertainment.


Most of my posts are about writing, whether it’s sharing what little experience I have, airing my own, naïve, ideas about the craft, or simply pointing people in the direction of better offerings by wiser, more experienced, folk.  No surprise then, when I tell you that when it comes to my friends’ blogs, the posts I enjoy reading the most, tend to be writing-related.  


How about you? From an entertainment point of view, what tends to catch your eye when you surf through your friends’ page? 


What do you think makes a good blog post?   

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