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We're not at home to Mr. Rude.

My friend, [info]mikandra, has an interesting post up at wordpress , about aspiring writers who diss successful authors and/or  their books .  
Personally, I can't see the point of trash-talking someone's work, or their success.  It's like my old gran used to say, "Bugger off you little toad, afore I fetch the cattle-prod"... er, sorry, wrong gran.  The other one used to say... "You can't make yourself taller by pulling other people down." 

Sure, it's okay to point out the plot holes, bad dialogue, or any other faults in a book between friends (heaven knows we find them in our own work often enough, I doubt we can help it), but I'm with Patty on this.  It shouldn't be a team sport.

Besides, when books that (in our opinion) suck, go on to make it to the big leagues, shouldn't it give us hope?

Now, thanks to Patty, I have a new aspiration, to write a book that's successful enough to be sneered at.  I'm already halfway there, now I just need it to be successful 


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