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Current WIP First Lines

I’m not sure who started this [editor's note: I've since been told it was[info]truepenny], but since people seem to be posting their first lines, and I can’t think of anything useful to say today, I thought I’d share some of mine.


These are from current WIPs that are either in the pitch stage, or the 'still working on it' stage.


THE FAMILY LEGEND (sci-fi short)

Terik stepped out of the hovercab into a large puddle.


INNER DEMONS (horror short)

The tear-stained face in the mirror could have belonged to any twelve-year-old boy, except for a pair of black, lidless eyes, which would have looked more at home on a shark. 



At 2:42am, with the tails of his gray trenchcoat flapping about in the breeze, Dimitri Vassilchen hurried through the dim-lit, back streets of Old Town Prague.  


FUR-FACE (YA urban fantasy novel)

Getting it back would be dangerous, he’d have to return tomorrow, and that meant avoiding Razor for one more night.


CURSED (100-word flash)

I awake from a nightmare, unable to move, or make a sound.

STICKS AND STONES (mainstream flash)

“I don’t wanna get up.”

CHILD KILLER (Horror short)

My brother’s death made the TV news.


IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD (100 word flash)

From my hiding place in the backyard, I watched as dad waved a pistol between Mom and my kid sister.

Now to get back to my Sunday chores.   



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