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I are a happy writer!

It's been a good few days.

On Wednesday morning, I got this review of Fur-Face via Oz Whiston (aka birdhousefrog):

...[my daughter] keeps taking my kindle to keep reading Fur Face. She said tonight "Tell that friend of yours thank you for writing this book!" ...She keeps laughing out loud, too, while she's reading."

A great start to the day.

 Library talk
That evening, I gave my 10 Things Every Writer Should Know talk at Somerville library. Due to a slight hiccup in the library's promotion department (as in, they didn't promote it much, and when they did, they had me down as coming on a different day), not many people showed up. Nevertheless, I had a hoot-and-a-half, plus, I got to meet the excellent Irene Peterson (aka peachette48) and her lovely daughter, as well as aspiring horror writer, Jerry Kimbrough, and a nice lady who (I think) only stopped by because she liked my accent.

Fun with Fiction school program
Yesterday, I confirmed a seven-date, Fun with Fiction program at Lakehurst Elementary in Lakehurst, New Jersey. I'll be doing a school assembly, plus three modules for six classes at Grades 3 thru 5.

On Thursday, my I are a writer! pens arrived. They're for my 'Order a signed copy of Fur-Face' promotion, which I'll anounce over the weekend.

All in all, an excellent few days. 


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