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Clarkesworld Magazine: Looking for non-fiction editor

The good folks over at the award-winning Clarkesworld Magazine are looking for a new non-fiction editor.

Here's what the magazine's founder and owner, Neil Clarke, has to say about the upcoming vacancy: 

'I wish [Cheryl Morgan] all the best and will miss working with her. Cheryl, thanks for everything you've done for us at Clarkesworld and beyond... If you're interested in being considered for the position, please email me ( I'll need to know a bit about your experience (if any) and what you'd do with this opportunity. I'm not opposed to making changes, so include your suggestions.'

I've met Neil several times now. In addition to being a great speaker, he seems like a great guy. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity for the right person.

Best of luck to anyone who applies.


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