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Outlines Part Deux

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the ‘What exactly is an outline?’ thing. I never studied creative writing at school, so I hadn’t realized there was an official way to do them, or that those methods had left such mental scars. 


It certainly explains some of the condescension/hostility I’ve encountered in past conversations on the subject. 


For me, the message here is that the outline-haters aren’t really dissing the idea of writing a book or story on purpose, they’re rebelling against a rigid structure that bears no resemblance to what outliners like myself would ever use. Wars have been fought over less simple misunderstandings. 


To avoid confusion, I recommend this helpful acronym when discussing creative writing in the future:

(Your understanding of what other people mean when they use terms like ‘outline’ is probably not what they mean by it, just as their understanding of what you mean when using those terms is likely to have little or no relation to what you had in mind either, so it’s worth clarifying before you get into a heated discussion about something which really doesn’t matter either way).


I wonder if I should get that put on a t-shirt, or submit it to Acronyms-R-Us. 

In other news:

500+ words today on my sci-fi WIP for the GSHW short story competition.  Don't forget, the closing date's been extended to July 31st, so there's plenty of time if you want to enter.


My friend [info]j_cheney ’s recent adventure at her local RWA  made me quite cross  .  More on that next time, when I plan to discuss writing and critique groups. 


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