November 23rd, 2011

What project(s) are you planning to work on in 2012?

I'm trying to get myself better organized so I can write two books a year.

I won't officially begin the first draft of my next middle grade project, Abraham Lincoln Stole My Homework, until January 1st (by which time I should have just about finished work on the sequel to Fur-Face), but I knew I'd be spending anything up to a couple of hours in the waiting room while my car got its regular service this morning, so I took a notepad with me and started work on a mindmap for it.

After ALSMHDead Doris is next on my list. If I finish both in 2012, I'll reward myself by giving Waking up Jack Thunder the shave and haircut it needs to get it submission ready.

If all goes according to plan, in January 2013, I expect to start work on the (as yet untitled) third book featuring Snowy and the Euston family.

How about you?

What project(s) are you planning to work on next year?