November 7th, 2011

Websites: When it all goes horribly wrong

If you’ve been over to my website lately, you’ll know it’s all gone pear-shaped over there.

I’m confident I can fix it, but if not, I’ll start from scratch elsewhere, probably on something like WordPress (though I’d continue using LJ as my main blog).

It’s a tad frustrating because I want to put up links to the paperback version of Fur-Face (now available at, and update my workshops/presentations info. I also have several promotions going on, not least of which are the Win-A-Nook Color and Win a ‘walk-on role’ prize draws. I’d been waiting to get the website sorted so I had a link to send folks when I confirmed their entry numbers, but I don’t want to leave things any longer.

If you’ve bought any version of Fur-Face since the paperback version came out, I’ll be contacting you with your Win-A-Nook Color entry numbers by the end of the week (if you didn't buy it direct from me, please email me: with the details).

I expect to be up-to-date with the Win a ‘walk-on role’ prize draw entries by then, too.

Other than the website issues, and poor Senior Management in bed, sick, things are peachy here.

How about you?