October 22nd, 2011

Is there a place for self-publishing at a writing conference?

In recent days, there's been some, shall we say 'spirited', discussion amongst my friends at the  the Greater Lehigh Valley Writing Group about whether or not our annual Write Stuff Conference should cater for folks interested in self-publishing.

There's no doubt self-publishing is here to stay, and while it's not a route I'd choose to take for myself (at least, not for a previously unpublished book), there are plenty of folks who would. In fact, if we're not there already, I suspect there'll come a time when self-pubbed authors outnumber the traditionally published.

Personally, I wish anyone who decides to go it alone the very best of luck, but as a matter of principal, I don't think self-publishing has a place on the program at a regular writing conference. Let's face it, there are already more writing subjects than a typical conference could hope to cover.

Besides, self-publishing has so many different aspects to it, I think it makes far more sense to devote an entire program to the subject.

How about you?

Do you think there's a place for self-publishing panels and workshops at a writing conference?
Poll #1788683 Self-publishing at a regular writing conference?

Would you like to see the subject of self-publishing on the program at a regular writing conference/

Something else, which I'll explain in a comment

ETA: Just in case I've given anyone the wrong impression, as a writing group, GLVWG certainly respects self-publishers. Self-pubbed members will be invited to take part in next year's post conference book fair (as they were in 2011 and previous years). GLVWG recently held a 'Writer's Cafe' on e-publishing your own work. In January 2012, the group's main meeting and afternoon workshop will also be devoted to the subject.
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