August 10th, 2011

What book are you reading at the moment?

I think it's important for writers to read in the genre and/or market in which we hope to one day be published. With that in mind, I've just started reading Jacob Wonderbar and the cosmic space kapow by agent turned author, Nathan Bransford.

So far, I'm enjoying it. I like Nathan's sense of humor.

How about you?

What book are you reading at the moment?


Nathan Bransford's running a contest

I'm a big fan of Nathan's
blog. he does a lot to help and promote other writers (which is probably why he has about a gazillion regular readers). Currently, he's invited folks to share a funny scene from one of their novels or stories (click here for more info) - Please note, you must be over 14 and less than 189 years old to enter.

The entry doors close tomorrow (6pm Pacific time).

Best of luck to all who enter.