May 14th, 2011

The Fur-Face, Win-A-Kindle prize draw ends today


If you bought my book, Fur-Face (on or before April 30th this year) and haven't yet told me about it, today's your last chance to send me the eReceipt or CD number in time to be entered into the Win-A-Kindle Prize draw. If you've posted a review of Fur-Face online (or plan to do so) and you want it to qualify as an extra entry into the draw, you need to send me a link to that review by midnight tonight (US/Eastern).

My email address is:

I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Social Media Tactics with Don Lafferty

I had a minor operation on Tuesday which ended up putting me out of action for most of last week. I'm a little behind on things at present, so if I owe you an email, please be patient. 

I'm feeling much better today which is good because I'm attending Don Lafferty's four-hour workshop, Advanced Social Media Strategies and Tactics, in Easton, PA. I consider myself reasonably competent at blogging, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I know next to nothing when it comes to the whole 'social media' thing. I expect that to change dramatically by later this afternoon. 

Sponsored by the Pocono Lehigh Romance Writers, the workshop takes place at Palmer Library 11:00am -3:00pm.

How about you?

What are your plans for the weekend?