April 20th, 2011

What's your star rating system?

Over on Goodreads, I just posted a review of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. I gave it three stars, which (for me) means it was good but not great and that I don't expect to read it again.

So far, I've rated more than a hundred books on Goodreads. less than half of them got more than three stars from me, and less than a dozen got five.

I sometimes wish we didn't have the star rating system because unless you're familiar with the reviewer's method, it's hard to tell what it means - what I would give four stars, other folks who got the exact same level of enjoyment from it would give five or even three etc.

Here's my star rating system:

   Excellent. This book now has a permanent place on my 'Read it again' pile

   Wonderful read. I'll most likely read this at least once more at some point.

   Good but not great. I don't expect to read it again, but I'd have no problem recommending to someone else. 

   Disappointing. Not necessarily because of the way it's written (although that may be the cause). It could be that I expected something different.

  Personally, I would never actually post a one or zero star review. If I disliked a book that much I'd rather just pretend I'd never read it. 

How about you?

What's your star rating system?