March 5th, 2011

What stops you reading a blog entry?

As you peruse your LJ Friends Page or work through the latest entries on blogs you follow with Google Reader or the like, have you noticed how some posts catch your eye more than others? Sure, a lot depends on things outside that blog writer’s control eg: the reader’s interest in the subject, how much time he/she has etc. Nevertheless, lately I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to come up with a generic template for a good blog post (by ‘good’ I mean gets lots of readers and comments).
Personally, for this sort of thing, I find it more helpful to first identify what doesn’t work, then go from there. With that in mind, if you’ve got a minute, I’d appreciate your feedback.
For the purposes of this poll, I’d like you to assume that the questions refer to a journal entry by someone whose blog you follow.

Poll #1713900 What stops you reading a blog entry?

From the following list, please select anything which would stop you reading someone else’s blog post.

The post’s title didn’t pull me in.
The title embarrassed or annoyed me.
I’d read too many other blog posts on that same topic elsewhere.
The subject of the entry didn’t interest me.
The subject interested me. I started reading, but lost interest partway through.
I didn’t like the tone of the post.
The post was written by a guest on that blog who was unknown to me.
The blogger ‘hid’ most of the entry beneath a cut without making it clear what it was about.
The blogger shared too much personal information.
The post contained the ‘f’ word (or worse).
The post was too long (if you select this option, please clarify in a comment).
Something else, which I’ll explain in the comments.

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