February 21st, 2011

How did you choose your username and icon?

One of the first things folks do when starting a blog/Twitter/facebook account etc. is decide on a username. For writers like what I am, the choice is easy. We want to get ourselves known, so we use our own names if at all possible. Icons, though, are a whole different bowl of cabbages, as my old gran used to say. 

Some people use a photo of themselves, or perhaps a picture depicting their work or hobby, others pick something amusing or eye-catching. Personally, I wanted something that showed a little about me, so I chose an icon which showed off my English heritage and shiny head. I count myself all the more fortunate to have found one that not only took off twenty pounds but twenty years too.

In many ways, I think an icon is a kind of logo, which is why I almost always stick to the same one (I even use it in the handouts I use in my blog talks).

How about you?

How did you come to choose your username and icon?

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