January 6th, 2011



I'm looking forward to this Saturday's GSHW meeting at East Brunswick Library, NJ08816. It's a one-hour workshop on reading your work aloud, conducted by Hildy Silverman (aka hildy9595), editor of Space And Time Magazine, and Neal Levin (aka dqg_neal) owner of Dark Quest Books.

I did my first ever reading last November, at PhilCon, where I read a passage from Fur-Face - the scene in which Snowy fakes an injury so that Bill can get a look inside the animal research center. It seemed to go down well and I had loads of fun, but I don't doubt I've a lot to learn, so I'll be there, taking notes and (hopefully) having a turn at the imaginary microphone.

The business meeting starts at 11:00am, with the workshop starting an hour later, at noon.

Non-members are always welcome. If you can make it, don't forget say 'Hi'. Just keep an eye out for the Brad Pitt lookalike with the funny accent. I'm usually standing nearby.

What are your plans for the weekend?