October 12th, 2010

Anyone else going to PhilCon?

This year will be my second at

I had a great time there last November.  I made some new friends, like the excellent Patty Cryan (aka p_m_cryan), and John Grant (aka realthog), winner of this year's
Puddle Award for Best Book Title - tune in tomorrow for his victory interview. 

This year,
PhilCon's guest speaker is the multi award winning Peter S. Beagle.

(sorry, don't know who took this photo)

Peter had his first novel published back in 1960.  Fifty years later, he's still going strong.  Here's a list of his recent/upcoming publications:
  • Return, 2010 (limited edition novella chapbook from Subterranean Press)
  • Two Hearts, 2010 (limited chapbook edition of Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novelette sequel to The Last Unicorn)
  • Writing Sarek, 2010 (Star Trek nonfiction with annotated "Sarek" teleplay)[1]
  • Sméagol, Déagol, and Beagle: Essays From the Headwaters of My Voice, 2010 (nonfiction essay collection)
  • Summerlong, 2010 (magical realist novel set in modern-day Seattle)
  • The First Last Unicorn and Other Beginnings, 2010 (story collection with additional essay material)
  • Three Faces of The Lady, 2010 (collection centered on "Come Lady Death")
  • I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons, 2010 (YA novel)
  • Green-Eyed Boy: Three Schmendrick Stories, 2010 (story collection with additional essay)
  • Three Unicorns, 2010 (story collection with additional essay)
  • Four Years, Five Seasons, 2010 (story collection)
  • Sweet Lightning, 2011 (1950s baseball fantasy novel)
  • Sleight of Hand, 2011 (story collection)
I hope I can be that productive one day.

I'm looking forward to hearing what Peter has to say.

How about you?

What Cons are you off to between now and the end of the year?

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