September 29th, 2010

Yay! It’s my wedding anniversary!

I’ve heard it said that there’s a perfect someone for everybody in this world. I count myself blessed to have found mine. 
Twenty years ago this very day, Senior Management and I got married, despite strong opposition from the Gibbs side of the family – my old gran went so far as to interrupt the service, just before the ‘I do’ part, shouting:

Stop this nonsense at once! You don’t marry trash, fool, you throw it out!

Luckily, Senior Management had a slightly higher opinion of me. She ignored gran’s advice and the ceremony went ahead as planned. 

We went to Barbados (and later, Florida) on our honeymoon. 
Tonight, we’re off to a fancy restaurant for dinner, where Senior Management can have large fries and any flavor milkshake she wants.