May 19th, 2010

Have you ever found yourself trying to write too many stories at once?

When I was young, my old gran often said to me, “A wise men never takes on too many tasks at once, so you certainly shouldn’t.” I found myself reminded of those sage and wisdomous words when my friend from the Garden State Horror Writers, Neal Levin (aka dqg_neal), posted a comment on the GSHW Yahoo board yesterday, asking what everyone was working on at present.

Here’s my original answer:
- Working through the last proofread of Fur-Face for Echelon Press.
- Revising/rewriting Waking up Jack Thunder so I can start querying agents.
- Working on first draft of Barnum’s Revenge – the sequel to Fur-Face.
- Working on a rough outline for a new novel, Dead Doris.
- Working on revisions/rewrites for A Union of Snakes – a medieval fantasy/sci-fi novel.
- Working on THE CIVILIZED THING TO DO – a 5,000(ish)-word sci-fi short story.
- Revising THE FAMILY LEGEND – a 4,000(ish)-word sci-fi short story.
- Working on THE INNER DEMON – a horror short story/novella/novel (not sure which yet). 

There are other things too, but these are the WiPs I’ve physically worked on the most over the last few weeks. 

As I typed out the list, it dawned on me that somewhere along the line I’d forgotten my old gran’s advice. No wonder I’ve been feeling frustrated lately. It’s as if I’ve been running a marathon, but every time I reach a mile-marker the number hasn’t changed. I decided this was something which needed sorting out, immediately, so I did.
Here’s the reply I actually posted:
‘Just doing the last proofread of Fur-Face I'll ever have to do.’
I’ve already finished it, now all I need to do is type up a few minor changes and send it off. After that, I’m taking a break from all WiP-type writing until after Fur-Face is released on June 1st, so I can focus on the ebook launch. 
Once that’s over, I’ll sit down with myself and, assuming I can come to an agreement, decide which project to tackle next (probably Jack Thunder) and from now on, I’m going to listen to the words of my old gran’s speak-your-weight machine, ‘One at a time please!’ 
How about you?
Have you ever found yourself trying to write too many stories at once?