February 24th, 2010

What was the first writing book you ever read?

Much as I’m looking forward to the Write Stuff Conference in Allentown, PA, next month (March 26 – 27), I’m even more excited about attending the two-day, pre-conference workshop, How to Plot Like the Pros, with James N. Frey (Thursday and Friday, March 24 -25).
Frey’s How To Write A Damn Good Novel was the first writing book I ever read. 
One of the biggest discoveries I’ve made about writing (aside from the fact that it’s bloomin’ difficult) is that most ‘How to’ books, contain hidden knowledge, which only reveals itself on subsequent readings. 
I’m working my way through HTWADGN for the first time in several years, and sure enough, things which either passed me by (or more likely sailed over my head) on the first couple of readings now leap out at me from the pages. 
I particularly like Frey’s take on the subjects of premise and character development.
This year will be my third in a row at the Write Stuff con. The panel/lectures are great, the people there, delightful. I thoroughly recommend it.  
I believe there are still a few places available for the How to Plot Like the Pros workshop, but even if you can’t make it, I’d recommend How To Write A Damn Good Novel to any writer. 
How about you?
What was the first writing book you ever read?

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