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February 8th, 2010

I'm baaaack.

Over the last week or so I have:

Looked after various family members who went down with the sickies (at the same time as being one of the family members who went down with the sickies) - still not feeling 100%, but better than Senior Management who decided it was her turn to succumb yesterday.

Revised the Fur-Face ms for Echelon Press (boy that felt good to type in) - sent it off about a half hour ago.

Carried out the last rites on my laptop - it was an emotional sendoff

Replaced said laptop with cheapest one I could find - which ironically is far better than the one which it replaced, despited costing only about a third as much

Done my best to keep up with all my friends on LJ - you guys post a lot! 
Sorted out the latest issue of The New Jersey Graveline (my second as editor of the GSHW's newsletter) - I can't speak for the readers, but I'm having loads of fun so far.
Organized a Wall of Wisdom for FindAWritingGroup.com - there's some great advice on there.  I'm lucky to have so many smart friends.

Come to the conclusion that I need to learn Adobe's DreamWeaver so that I can have complete editorial control over the various websites I run - not least so that I can do the words on that Wall of Wisdom justice.  

Not kept up with my regular emails so well - which is why I'm only just telling you that the organizers of The Write Stuff conference (Allentown, PA, Friday & Saturday March 26th -27th)  posted an interview with me on Saturday (in which I answer probing questions about how I got my E-book contract)  

Generally had a hoot and a half - because the alternative would have been nowhere near as much fun.

How about you?

What have you been up to? 

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No longer in print but there are still some copies floating around out there



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