February 4th, 2010

Wall of Wisdom for FindAWritingGroup.com & related stuff

I've listed everyone's contributions for the Wall of Wisdom page on the FindAWritingGroup.com website, they're in alpabetical by first name order.  The format will change when I revamp the site (see below), but I didn't want to delay posting them any longer.

If you contributed, please check your quote and link, then let me know if I need to make any changes. 

If you haven't yet given me a quote for the wall, but you'd like to take part, please leave me a comment with your advice; your writing name; your state/country; and the link to either your blog or your website.

Also if you want to help the Find A Writing Group network by setting up (or converting an existing) Yahoo group for your state/country, please follow the instructions on the website.

Write Around the World (the official FAWG blog) & FAWG website revamp in progress
I've posted my 'Picks of the week' from last Friday on Write Around the World.  I won't be putting any guest posts up in the near future because I'm in the process of changing the site from the current GoDaddy.com template (which came free with the domain name) with a custom made one, which I'm putting together myself.

The plus side of doing this is that there won't be any advertisements on the site (woohoo!).  In addition, I'll be able to have as many pages as I like; and can tailor individual pages (like the WALL OF WISDOM) to look how I want them to.  The down side is that I'll have to replace the blog, and will lose anything posted on the current version (hence my reason for not having any guest posts).

In order to do all this, I have to learn to use Adobe's Dreamweaver.  I expect it to take a while, especially as I need to fit this in around other priorities, not least of which is writing, so please bear with me.  Aside from the 'No guest posts for a while' thing, this is a purely cosmetic change, which won't effect the network itself.
FAWG Community on LJ?
I'm considering setting up a FAWG community, here on LJ.  Aside from the obvious find a writing group theme, I think it would give people a place to connect with other writers to share information about writing contests, online critique groups etc.

If you like the idea of a FAWG community here on LJ, please let me know.  Also, I'd be most interested to hear your thoughts on what you think such a community should offer to folks.