January 20th, 2010

Looking forward to looking back

January’s always an exciting month. The year’s barely started, and though some of those resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, hope is in the air and those big goals are still intact.
Many of us have our calendar year planned out. What we want to produce, what we want to achieve etc.
Like most of my writer friends, I have plenty of writing goals and dreams (and some blog-related ones too), but if I could choose only one of them and have it come to pass, it would be to look back on 2010 and say, “That was the year I got an agent and sold Waking up Jack Thunder.
Of course, for writers, we haven’t got too much control over the achievement side of things. All we can do is our best. Whether or not that best is good enough is someone else’s decision.
Still, it’s fun to daydream. 
How about you?
What would you like to able to say about 2010?

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