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August 20th, 2009

Thanks for all the helpful plot hole-filling tips you all gave me last week. I've given it a lot of thought since then and I've decided I may be too close to the problem to be sure of the solution. 


If you have a minute, I’d appreciate your opinion.


Here’s the deal. For reasons I won’t bore you with right now, my main character in Waking up Jack Thunder is a shy scientist named Bobby Newton, who gets the brain patterns of a comatose CIA agent, Jack Thunder, stuck inside his head. 


Through no fault of his own, he’s forced to go on the run from both the CIA and an international drug lord. His only help comes from Thunder himself, who appears at his side in the form of a cantankerous, ghostly apparition, created by Bobby’s sub-conscious. Something which only Bobby can see and hear.


Part way through the first draft, I realized it would be a lot more fun if Thunder’s helpful holograph was to disappear sometimes - especially when Bobby found himself in a truly desperate situation.


From a story point of view, I’m delighted with the results, but I need a plausible reason for Thunder’s intermittent disappearances, the final one lasting almost an entire day. I thought I had it sorted, but I’m not sure it isn’t an oval shaped peg for a round hole. 


My current explanation is that the CIA stuck an organic gps device in Bobby’s arm (he unwittingly signed papers agreeing to this). It’s powered by the tiny electrical current human bodies generate, but only becomes active when a particular signal frequency is broadcast. 


Whenever the tracking frequency is broadcast, it ‘blocks’ the Thunder signal. 


This would also prove useful in the sequel, when I want Bobby to have control over Thunder’s appearances by way of a remote control.


Bearing in mind the story revolves around Bobby sharing his head with the brain patterns of a comatose secret agent, does the gps explanation sound plausible or is it too silly?


If you don't think it flies, do you have any thoughts on how I can have Thunder’s holograph disappear in (most) of the high-stress situations poor Bobby finds himself in?


Any and all suggestions are welcomed. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Grown-up healthcare debate: Part 2

Welcome to part two of the grown-up healthcare debate I’m hosting here. Thank you to everyone who contributed last time. I appreciate the input. 


Recent silliness

Before we start, I’d like to say that I think turning up at a town hall meeting wearing a gun and/or accusing Obama or anyone else of being a Nazi, is not a good way to advance your cause.


That said, just because someone turns up at a town hall meeting wearing a gun, or accuses Obama, or anyone else of acting like a Nazi, doesn’t mean that whatever he/she came to oppose is a good thing, it just means that person hasn’t done much to help their cause.


The Impact of Baby Boomers 2011 – 2029

Instead of calling each other names, and each side trying to paint the other as the villain, I’d like to hear people's thoughts on some of the valid questions and concerns people have. 


For example, the baby boomer generation (78 million people) will hit Medicare age between 2011 and 2029. Many of them are concerned about the proposed (correct me if I’m wrong) $500bn cut in budget over the next ten years at a time when the number of people on Medicare is expected to swell. 


Are people right to be concerned?  If so why, and if not, why not?


What should the government do to set people’s minds at ease over this?


What (if anything) should the government do in order to provide more medical facilities and staff to cater for the rise in demand for medical services once healthcare reform is passed?


It costs tens of thousands of dollars to become a doctor. Would some kind of quid pro quo system – where the government pays for a doctor’s training, and is paid back in hours rather than money – be appropriate?


What do you think?


Remember please, no name calling, finger pointing, or general venting. 


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No longer in print but there are still some copies floating around out there



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