February 27th, 2009

Getting fit (bit by bit)

Fighting off the early symptoms of a cold, but aside from that, my quest for fitness (or at least, less fatness ), continues to go well.  I managed twenty-one miles this morning. 

True, I covered eighteen of those by car, but I did run/walk/crawl the last three under my own steam, and in a smidge over forty minutes to boot.  Hardly something for the record books, but by far my best time in many a long year. 

When I attempt to stand on one leg, or walk on the spot during the age assessment part of my body test, the Wii fit board no longer mocks my efforts, though I still detect a sarcastic undertone when it congratulates me for turning up for my daily weigh-in.

Nine pounds gone, six more to go.
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Waking up Jack Thunder

Making hard work of the second draft of Waking up Jack Thunder.  I've rewritten much of the first chapter - now a ten page prologue - which, I hope, makes for a better introduction.  I'll find out if I managed it, at the Write Stuff conference (in Allentown, PA), at the end of next month.  I booked myself in for a workshop with Karen Blomain, where, along with a bunch of other willing victims, we'll dissect the opening ten pages of everyone's novels in the hope of improving them.  Advanced submission of said pages is required by tomorrow.

Once I send that in, I need to start proofreading another book for my friend dqg_neal at Dark Quest.  He'll be pleased to hear that I'm running ahead of schedule.  After that, I have to get stuck in to our tax returns  .  Always a fun experience.
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