February 6th, 2009

Less is more

Did a two mile run this morning.  Well okay, a two mile jog then.  Fine, so I only ran the first half mile and did the rest at a fast-paced walk.  Jeez, you guys are hard to fool.  The thing is, I'm a third of the way to losing the fifteen pounds that needs to go before I host the March 14th multi-author signing in Manalapan.  In other words, only ten pounds and a couple of chins to go. 

Of course, once I achieve that goal, I'll have to keep going if I want to fit into my thong for the summer. 

Hehe, I'll leave you with that disturbing image.

What makes a good movie great?

Just read an entry about stinky movies over at dqg_neal's blog. 

Whether it's on the screen or on the page, I believe the difference between a good story and a great one is the amount the protagonist (and possibly one or two other characters), changes during the course of the story.  If you think about it, this even holds true for the great action movies, which you wouldn't  think need such an emotional connection with the viewer/reader (think Die Hard, Bourne Identity etc.)

I've been trying to think of an exception that would disprove this theory. I haven't been able to come up with one.  

Can you?
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