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A Good Day

After breakfast, I started the follow-up post to Saturday's one about outlines.  I even came up with a helpful acronym that should avoid any future conflict on the subject, but I'm afraid events overtook me before I could finish.

This morning, I popped in to visit a nearby nursing home, and  before you ask, no, it wasn't to book myself a place (when I reach that time in my life, I plan to live with my children and get my own back). 

I went there to meet with the activity manager.   She contacted me last week through the Monmouth Writers website to see if any of our members wanted to volunteer to read to some of the residents.  I suggested we start a creative writing workshop as well.  Most of the people there are long-term care patients, so I imagine we'll have a few physical challenges to overcome, but I figure we can have a lot of fun. 

By the time I got home, the kids were due back from school, and we did the McDonalds thing followed by a quick swim - and by quick swim I mean, they swam and I wandered around the pool.  That water was cold!.  .

All in all, a good day.

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