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What's your current WiP?

I made what I believe will turn out to have been a big decision last week.
I currently have five WiPs (all novels), none of which are at the query-ready stage. I decided to stop jumping about between them and just pick one to work on.
As you can imagine, with the news about the upcoming paperback version of Fur-Face, I decided the smart choice would be its sequel, Barnum's Revenge. I plan to have a final draft ready by the end of July. When that's done, and only when that's done I'll sit down and decide what to work on next. Until then, I've locked my other WiPs away.

It's early days yet, but so far, I feel I did the right thing. I'm certainly much more focused than I was a few weeks ago.

How about you?

What's your current work-in-progress?

Tags: barnum's revenge, fiction, fur-face, writing

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