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Calling all YA/Middle Grade/children's writers in New Jersey

As part of my promotional campaign for the paperback version of Fur-Face (due out in October - I'm still smiling about that), I'm looking to set up some multi-author events with a YA/Middle Grade/children's theme.

If you write in any of those genres and would be interested in taking part in one or more multi-author panel/Q&As (in libraries in and around central New Jersey), please let me know, either in a comment below or via direct email:

I'd like to run the things along the same lines as NJAN (New Jersey Authors' Network) events, but I'm open to any other suggestions/ideas you might have.

Whatever your genre, if you're a New Jersey-based author, I encourage you to check out NJAN. Finding/arranging events at which you can sell your work isn't always easy. There's a big advantage in numbers.


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