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Last chance to buy Fur-Face and enter the Win a Kindle Prize draw

Today's your last chance to buy Fur-Face and enter the Win a Kindle Prize draw.

To enter, all you have to do is email me ( a digital receipt for your copy of my debut novel, Fur-Face, or if you got the CD version, the unique four-digit number on the disc (Please note: to qualify, your copy of Fur-Face must have been bought, won or ordered on or before April 30th, 2011. For full details of the prize draw and how the winner will be chosen, check out the contest page on my website). 

Want to increase your chances? 
Just send me details of where you promoted (and posted a link to) the Win A Kindle Prize Draw page on my website ( or (maximum two links).

Click on the picture above for details on other ways to get extra entries in the draw between now and May 14th

I'll announce the winner on May 15th.

Here's where you can buy the e-Book version of Fur-Face online for $2.99: 


If you'd prefer the CD version (which contains the nook, Kindle and PDF versions and comes with an exclusive I are a writer! mug), there's still one day left on my special promotion. You can have the mug and CD delivered anywhere in the US for just $9.95* (includes p&p, NJ Sales Tax and USPS tracking) and anywhere in the world for just 4.00 USD** (plus p&p and tracking).

You can order them from my website by clicking on the picture below. 


*usually $12.95
** usually 6.00 (USD)

Someone's going to win a Kindle. Will it be you?


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